Trigon Polish Jewels Closed-End Fund is an absolute return fund with an investment objective to consistently generate high positive returns regardless of stock market performance. The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of shares listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, with the aim of achieving high positive returns regardless of changes in the major stock market benchmarks. The manager selects stock of the best Polish companies with established market position, strong balance sheet and unique development strategy. The Fund is a market-neutral; short selling mechanisms are applied to hedge long positions. All industries are eligible: selection is not based on particular industry affiliation but on company growth prospects and its market valuation. In the selection process, both the blue-chips and the small and medium-sized enterprises are taken into account. Trigon Polish Jewels Closed-End Fund is a public fund whose investment certificates are admitted to trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Fund valuation is done once a month. 


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