Dedicated funds

We have expertise in creating and managing closed-end investment funds and securitisation funds, offering investment solutions tailored for various investor objectives, investment profiles and business models.

A closed-end fund investment model has many advantages for unit-holders; for example, it enables them to:  

- create fund-based business structures to achieve short-term objectives as well as  long-term strategy goals

- raise funding for projects implemented within the scope of the fund operational activity

Having invested assets in the funds, investors have full control over fund activity resulting from the provisions set out in the Articles of Association and in the acts of law (including participation in statutory bodies on the fund), as well as clearly defined cost level and structure.   

Trigon Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. creates and manages securitisation funds that issue investment certificates to gather funds for the purchase of claims  portfolios.  

In compliance  with the Act of 27 May 2004 on investment funds, an investment fund is a legal entity whose sole business puropose  is  to invest funds raised  through a public offer –(or – in the cases defined in the Act – by private placement of investment certificates) in securities, money market instruments and other property rights defined in this Act.  An investment fund shall conduct its operations in accordance to the interests of the fund unit-holdersand  obey risk rules  and limits defined by  the Act. 


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